Pregmate Pregnancy Test Strips

  • Test 5 days before your missed period
  • Confirm pregnancy early and quickly
  • Results are over 99.8% accurate
  • Best Value! As low as 19¢ per test

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 1737 reviews
      Erin Poston
      Straight-forward & Affordable

      Easy to use and easy to read. So helpful they come in a large quantity when trying to get pregnant!

      Helpful tool

      The strips were very easy to use and the directions on the outside of the box were accessible to all bodies- not gender or insemination specific.

      I would like to see inclusive language continued as the instructional pamphlet assumes everyones reproductive abilty is “sexual intercourse”. Some people are using other forms of insemination and that language makes and creates a norm and shame around different insemination choices- IVF, IUI, and ICI.

      Hannah Parks
      Actually works!

      I’ve always had irregular cycles, but thought something was wrong this time. I have been using pregmate for a couple years bc it gives me peace of mind. Welp! They definitely are accurate. My last cycle they were correct about the positive result. I ONLY had a positive result when pregnant. No false positives here!

      Samantha Garcia
      It was amazing

      Thank you

      Samantha Conrad
      Doula Approved!

      I love that pregmate makes pregnancy tests accessible. They are more affordable than most other brands, and they’ve been accurate for me personally. The strips are easy to use, and there are always helpful instructions if you’re confused.

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