Why More and More Women Today Choose Test Strips over Digital or Midstream Tests?


There are so many types of ovulation and pregnancy tests on the market today from really cheap to very expensive. Every brand claims that their tests are the most sensitive and accurate. In this article we are going to share why nowadays many woman choose ovulation and pregnancy test strips over Digital and Midstream Tests.

First of all, test strips are ideal for those who are going to do testing a lot. You can’t beat the price! You could use them 10 times a day and not feel bad about wasting them.

In addition, test strips are still just as accurate -- 99 percent -- as pricier tests, and results come in a relatively quick five minutes.

Test Strips VS Digital Tests

Test strips are far cheaper than Digital tests. This can be critical for women who have irregular menstrual cycles and may need to test more often.

Digital tests also tend to be less sensitive than manual tests.

The funny thing is that digital tests are really just manual tests with a battery and a sensor that reads the lines for you. It tells you in English if you’re pregnant or not. But it takes longer than you would to do so.

Test Strips VS Midstream Tests

First of the reasons why test strips are better is because you can collect your pee in a cup, then shower or have your coffee or whatever, then go back and test it when you’re a bit more awake. This method also gives you a bit more control, and again you can retest right away if you wish.

Another reason is that some women are bad at peeing on things. It’s sometimes easy to miss. If you screw up taking a midstream test or there is something wrong with the test, you are about to miss your best quality morning pee and you will have to wait for the next couple hours to take a test again.

And finally, there is always the chance you will drop a Midstream Test in the toilet.

So, if you don't need  a plastic holder and a sensor that will read the lines for you, you may go with confidence for the test strips!

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